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You love your pooch! You'd do anything for him… But, and there's an enormous BUT : Anything gets your beagle howling. Vacuums, sirens and loud noises.

He does it to show affection, and tell you he's stressed. Once he starts howling, it's not easy to get him to stop.

You've had numerous complaints from neighbours. He barks at passersby, when in his crate, when he sees other dogs or other animals and at intruders at the door, when you leave.

You see beagles are hunting dogs so if they see something that moves, you bet they'll bark as loud as they can to alert you.

They were bred to have a distinct and loud bark so their handlers could find them when they were hunting animals underground.

The baying of a hound would alert all the other members of the pack, which would then chase the quarry, not much chance of it escaping!

Beagles bark – it's what they do… sometimes incessant barking. There's baying, then there's the barking that just never seems to end when they are on alert or upset you are leaving.

Get your beagle's howl under control, when you are or aren't home.

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