Beagle Training: Chasing: 100% Recall x Border Collie


Our unique recall training can be taught to anyone, (and any dog) through a system of simple step-by-step progression. We train a 100% non-negotiable recall… That means your dog comes back to you 100% every time, first time, in any distraction.

Molly, a 2yr old rescue beagle x collie (we think!) – gets the 'beagle' side of her when out of the house and runs off chasing rabbits, squirrels, birds etc.

In 5 lessons, we have Molly coming back to whoever calls her 100% regardless of distractions, off-lead. Molly still maintains her joyful character of running, picking up scents and chasing birds – but her owners can now call her back whenever they want, with the peace of mind that she will return to them when called.

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